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Wristband Selection Techniques

Jun 11, 2018

After the ESD wrist strap is used for a period of time, the wrist straps are continuously stretched and bent during the process, and the wires in some of the cheap wrist straps are broken off, and the anti-static effect is not obtained. It is not known that it has become ineffective, causing electrostatic accidents after touching static-sensitive parts.
1. The inner layer of the good anti-static wristband is made of silver wire. The more turns, the better the conductive performance.
2. The wrist strap connects the PU line more strongly than the PVC line and has better resilience;
3. The internal material of the grounding wire, preferably copper wire;
4. The number of bending times of the connection between the grounding part and the wrist strap can be detected by the corresponding instrument. If there is no user of the testing instrument, it is recommended to request a third party inspection report from the purchaser.