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What Is Weaving?

Jun 11, 2018

Judging from the phrase's composition, "Zhiqi" is a compound word, which can be understood as an abbreviation of "Zhitou", and "Shantou" is the oral expression of "trademark" in Cantonese. It was initially transliterated in English as a "mark". Since weaving weaving industry has become an independent sub-sector in the textile industry for a very short time, the industry does not have an authoritative and standard terminology. Nowadays, due to historical and economic factors, the center of clothing accessories is generally concentrated in the Pearl River Delta region centered on Guangzhou.

The trademark woven fabrics and webbing fabrics have similarities and differences. It has the same narrow width as the webbing fabric, and its width is wider than that of the webbing fabric. It also uses characters, letters, and small trademark patterns. However, due to the special use of the trademark, the fabric does not require the back flatness as the webbing needs, and the fabric needs to have Certain intensity. Trademark fabrics are generally single weft, commonly used weft, weft yarns in the non-pattern part often sink long on the back of the fabric, and some simply do not interweave with the cloth to save the weft, only in a small amount of position to give fixed. Trademark fabrics rarely use double-layered tissue, and flower parts generally use heavy tissue. Therefore, its weave design requirements are lower than those of webbing fabrics and ordinary fabrics. Therefore, the trademark fabric is more like an ordinary fabric, its weaving process can be made with ordinary latitude and longitude, and the computer-aided design system can also use ordinary weave-knit CAD and CAM systems.