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Velcro Basic Overview

Jun 11, 2018

The Velcro fastener is a connecting fabric composed of a nylon hook belt and a nylon belt. The combination of hook tape and velvet tape with slight pressure can produce large fastening force and tearing force. It is widely used in clothing, backpacks, tents, parachutes, curtains, sofa covers and so on. Can be used instead of zips, snaps, buttons and other joint materials. Nylon Velcro straps are made of nylon and are made of plain weave and looped tissue. The hook belt is lapped with a 0.25 mm diameter nylon twisted wire, heat-set, glued, and hooked to obtain a stiff, upright, non-deformable hook. The velvet tape is made of nylon multi-filament loops and is heated, shaped, and glued to obtain an upright, soft, slightly evacuated ring-shaped structure. When the hook belt and the velvet tape are combined, the stiff hook easily hooks the soft pile loop and acts as a buckle. The breaking process is to cut the skein ring into hooks; the gluing is to make the warp and weft points on the base fabric fixed and sticky, and to prevent the hooks from pulling and pulling the velvet when it is used. . In addition, there are mushroom-shaped hooks and knitted velvet tapes, which have greater fastening strength and tearing strength, but the suede is easily damaged, and is only used in application scenarios that do not frequently tear.