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The Significance Of Cloth Stickers

Jun 11, 2018

Symbolic modeling is a styling technique commonly used in Chinese folk art. Yangxinbutie is no exception, such as Yifeng (Feng Xiangxiang), Yiyu (Fish Xianbao) and Yimei (Meicheng Wufu). Then, using the Chinese phonetic symbolism, there are many refinements in the Yangxinbu stickers, a 卍 pattern (“卍” or “Wan”), a smoking bag (“pouch” harmonic “generation”) and a copper coin. Teapots (intended not to eat or drink) are linked together, meaning "billion generations are rich." In terms of composition, these elements may not necessarily be arranged in an orderly manner. For example, "Fu Shou Both", the middle of the Shou character, the Fu (Mouse) and the Quan (Double) are located on both sides. It is very balanced and symmetry, and the ingenuity shown in its composition is really coordinated and perfect.