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The Requirements Of Visual Requirements For The Clothing Woven Trademark Manufacturing?

Jun 11, 2018

1, the accuracy of ideas expressed. From the content to the form, the clothing label fully embodies the visual design language, accurately displays the clothing industry and the characteristics of the company, and shows the personality, connotation and market positioning of the clothing brand. The information conveyed by the sign of weaving and weaving is consistent with the associations of consumers, it is clear and clear, it is clear at a glance, and it is in line with people's cognitive psychology and it is easy to recognize memory.

2, with visual art. In addition to the practical function of accurately disseminating information in the design of clothing labels, there must be artistic attraction and appeal, reflecting the modernity of diversified clothing. Therefore, it is required to be beautiful and unique in modeling, have good visual impact and affinity, give people visual pleasure and enjoyment, and reflect the needs of communication in the new era.

3, distinctive personality originality. The clothing label excavates the inherent characteristics of the clothing brand in the design, and at the same time strengthens the differences with other brands, it finds the attribution of the clothing brand and reflects its style and taste. Therefore, the shape and meaning of the Mark of Weaving Mark is uniquely novel in design and pursues individuality, making it infinitely viable.

4, the production, use, management convenience. Marks for weaving and weaving are displayed within a certain range, displayed in different environments, promoted in different media, and produced on different materials.