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The Origin Of The Cloth

Jun 11, 2018

Cloth is the earliest sewing on the damaged clothing, after the tricks made by the pattern on the clothes, Serve cloth, and gradually evolved into a cloth, an ancient folk art variety. For a long time, the cloth was buried deep in the people until it was discovered in 1985. Once it was published, the cloth stickers attracted the world's attention with her unique artistic charm. In 1986, the debut of the "Hubei Folk Art Exhibition" was made of cloth, which was made of scraps of people's intent. The handicrafts, which were made in accordance with people's intentions, were widely used. They have been used for more than 1,500 years and are known as “ Magical Oriental Unique Artwork ”.
Cloth is a form of embroidery. It makes use of the scraps left by the clothes as the clothes, and forms a pattern on the bottom cloth, sticks it with paste first, and then locks and embroiders along the side of the pattern by needles, fixes it, and carries out detailed operations. Processed.