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What is the difference between knit and woven garments?

Jan 21, 2019

The difference in woven and knit garments lies in the construction of the fabrics. The knit garment is tougher and better able to withstand wear, but the woven garment has the ability to be more versatile in it's construction. The woven garment is the most common in clothing construction. Because of the ability to cut the material and shape it by means of sewing, it is far more popular in the garment industry. Material made by weaving is thinner as a rule and is not prone to raveling in handling. This allows the garment maker to cut shapes that are not ordinarily available to the knitted garment. Garments made by this method can be embellished by any number of add on items such as buttons, woven in patterns, or different types of lace and contrasting materials sewn to the fabric. The knitted garment is softer and more supple because its thread is treated differently. Knitted is produced by using needles to pull threads up through the preceding threads to produce fabric. Items such as sweaters and stockings are made by the knitting method and will readily "give" in response to pressure of the body. The disadvantage to the knit garment is that it is easily damaged by pulling of one thread in the garment which will distort or even destroy the garment.

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