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What are the advantages of PVC?

Jan 19, 2019

PVC is the most widely used polymer for cables production in  Europe. It is mainly dominant in the low voltage and some specialist applications. Telecommunication is also an important application for PVC. PVC cables have a number of benefits, such as:

  • Good electrical and insulation properties over a wide temperature range

  • Inherent fire safety

  • Excellent durability and long-life expectancy

  • Easy processing characteristics to achieve desired specification for end-products

  • Cost-effectiveness

  • Recyclability - no cross-linking therefore the ability to be reprocessed back into cable applications, see further down

  • Compares favourably to alternative materials using LCA methodologies primarily due to lower usage of non-renewable resources i.e. 43% derived from oil/gas and 57% derived from salt

  • Highly resistant to degradation by ultra violet light

  • Cheap