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Velcro related applications

Jun 11, 2018

The Velcro straps are quickly adopted by manufacturers of garments, shoes, and caps for their ease of use, high viscosity, washability, and quick adhesion. They are one of the best-selling products in the Buckle Buckle product line. The surface and the suede) are composed of two sides, the hook surface is arranged neatly, and the angle of the hook is fixed to increase the probability of occluding the buckling hair, the velvet brush hair is uniform, and the easy-to-break yarn and the hook surface are firmly adhered tightly in the transverse direction, thereby improving the adhesive strength of both surfaces. Surface adhesive can be used repeatedly up to 10,000 times, the quality remains stable, 100% nylon yarn raw material, non-toxic environmental protection. Scope of application: Clothing and garments, shoes and hats industry, umbrella industry, handbags, toys, household goods, sporting goods, handicrafts, etc.

Velcro is widely used in garment factories, shoe and hat factories, luggage factories, sofa factories, curtain factories, toy factories, tent factories, glove factories, sports equipment factories, medical equipment factories, electronic plastic factories and various military products and other industries. . Equivalent to raw materials, semi-finished products.

Velcro fasteners are used in garments, backpacks, tents, parachutes, curtains, sofa covers, etc., and are usually part of clothing, backpacks, etc., and belong to the finished product. The fastener can also be used in industrial equipment, such as industrial machinery and equipment fasteners, chassis cabinet fasteners, electrical cabinet fasteners, electrical cabinets, power distribution cabinets, communication cabinets, server cabinets, control cabinets and other equipment Has a buckle used, it is also known as a snap lock.