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Velcro production process

Jun 11, 2018

The whole production process of the product is basically as follows:
1. Firstly, the loom will make the raw material nylon yarn through the ribbon machine to cause the shape of the embryo belt.
2, in the high-temperature dyeing equipment semi-finished embryo belt dyed all kinds of colors.
3, suture Velcro Velcro tape is the first color dyeing machine in the hair by the machine after the color of the embryo belt suede surface curled hair after the sizing shaping.
4, the hook surface is a good dyed embryo hook surface paste shape after the embryonic belt surface of the nylon monofilament through the import and export hook machine to give a uniform and appropriate cut monofilament will form a hook-stick embryonic band.
5, sewn nylon Velcro tape with the final import of the sub-coiled by the roll device to give the required width of various specifications. Then cut off the required length and roll box.