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How do we distinguish between weaving mark and silk mark?

Jun 11, 2018

1. Weaving Marks:
The production principle of weaving is the same as that of weaving. Weaving weaving marks are yarns to express patterns, and weaves are different from the original flat design. Therefore, it is not possible to confirm that it is impossible to make large goods. In addition to the width, total length of each color, and process related, the cost structure of cloth labels is also the type of yarn used. JB series yarns are commonly used in the world.

2.Silk screen trademark
The silk screen trademark is printed on the cloth according to the principle of printing. The silk screen trademark looks more beautiful than the weaving mark, and the surface is delicate and smooth. It is generally used for high-grade clothing trademarks. More suitable for high-quality large-volume paper printing, silk screen printing is a very flexible process. Features: The low cost of plate making can basically be applied to any media printing: paper, plastic, pvc material, cloth, glass and so on.