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Advantages of cloth stickers

Jun 11, 2018

Because of the availability of its materials, and the production process is easier than embroidering and picking flowers. It is deeply loved by the people. In the marketplaces around the world, there are often traded cloth products, indicating that it has developed relatively well, and has become a unique form of arts and crafts.

Cloth is a practical art. It is the decoration and beautification of everyday textiles and other textile products. It is commonly used in children's harnesses, safari outfits, quilt covers, kid hats, and flower shoes. In some places, rural girls get married, and most of them carry a unique “pocket bag” that contains all the remaining cloth heads when sewing wedding dowries. After passing through the door, use the unborn baby to sew cloth, hold skirts, carry pockets, shoes and hats, etc., without spending much money, and make something beautiful and durable.